Our Services

Quality & Testing Procedures
1.In House Testing
2.External Visual Inspection
3.Printing Permanency
5.Digital Photography
6.Barcode Reading
7.Physical Dimensional
9.Electrical Testing,
10.Sentry Identification


We have some test partners like White Horse and Retronix

white horse retronix1

White Horse Laboratories is a Western-owned and operated independent, third-party quality control provider based in the epicenter of Asia’s electronics market. Our processes and reports exude accuracy, clarity, and transparency. Backed by our team of experienced and conscientious professional quality control experts defining ourselves with integrity. Retronix Ltd were formed in 1992 in the Eletronics Manufacturing heart land close to silicon glen in Scotland. The purpose of Retronix was to provide innovative services to the EMS/OEM industry. Retronix Ltd now have locations in Europe\Asia\Africa\North America. Retronix are an ever growing company, who are dynamic and flexible to adapt and suit customers requirements.