Line Card

Wynn Electronics is one of China famous  distributors of semiconductors and electronic components. We offer the most complete range of products, from active, passive and electro-mechanical components to memory and specialty products. All from the world’s top manufacturers.

Wynn Electronics helps our OEM and EMS customers deliver innovative technology to the world. As a global distributor, we supply parts for virtually any application including: automotive, personal computing and storage, white goods, industrial, military/aerospace, lighting, mobile/wireless, telecommunications, medical, smart technologies, consumer electronics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and so much more.

Our objective is to bring value to our customers’ supply chain. As a result, we developed a line card that includes the products and manufacturers our customers can depend on. Below is our line card for your reference and more brand are being added.

Active Components:

AMCC Actel Advanced Micro Devices Agilent
Allegro* Altera* Analog Devices* Atmel*
Avago Broadcom Catalyst Cirrus Logic
Conexant Cypress* Dallas* Diodes Inc.*
Exar* Fairchild* Finisar Freescale
Infineon* Intel* International Rectifier* Intersil*
Lattice Linear Technology* Marvell* Maxim*
Microchip* Micron Microsemi Mindspeed
MiniCircuts NEC NXP National Semiconductor*
Oki PLX PMC Sierra Pericom
Philips Semiconductor QLogic Renesas SMSC
SST ST Micro Samsung SanDisk*
Sharp Spansion Texas Instruments Toshiba
TransSwitch Vitesse Waferscale Western Digital
Winbond Xicor Xilinx* Zilog

Passive Components:

3M AVX* Aavid Airpax
Amphenol Aromat Bel Fuse Berg
Bourns* C&K* CTS Clare
Coil Craft Comair Deutsch EPCOS*
FCI Glenair Grayhill Harting
Hirose* Honeywell ITT Kemet
Lamda LiteOn* Murata* HongFa*
NIC Nichicon Omron* LRC*
Panasonic Panjit* Pulse* Samtec*
Stewart Taiyo Yuden* Teledyne Tyco/AMP*

P.S. All the parts with * mark are from manufacturer and agent sources.

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MLCC Stock from Wynn

GRM31CR61C226KE15L murata 18+ 70000 GRM319R71H103KA01D Murata 17+ 60000 GRM188R71E105KA12D MURATA 17+ 28000 C3216X5R1E476M160AC TDK 17+ 20000 GRM32ER71E226KE15L CAP CER 22UF 25V X7R 1210 1000 CL32B226KAJNNNE CAP CER 22UF 25V X7R 1210 samsung 50000 GRM319R71H103KA01D CAP CER 10000PF 50V X7R 1206 murata 60000 "CL10A226MQ8NRNC CAP CER 22UF 6.3V X5R 0603" SAMSUNG 17+ 400000 "GRM31CR71E106KA12L CAP CER 10UF 25V X7R 1206" murata 17+ 200000 GRM188R61C105KA93D 029499 17+ 4850000 GRM31CR61C106KA88L 17+ 82000 GRM155R61A105KE15D 17+ 400000 "C2012JB1A476M125AC CAP CER 47UF 10V JB 0805" TDK 17+ 2000 TEST FEE 2 0402N100J500CT Walsin 17+ 300000 0402N270J500CT Walsin 17+ 490000 GRM155F51E103ZA01D murata 17+ 40000 "GRM188R71E105KA12D CAP CER 1UF 25V X7R 0603" murata 17+ 88000 "GRM188R61E106MA73D CAP CER 10UF 25V X5R 0603" murata 17+ 12000 "GRM033R60J224KE15D CAP CER 0.22UF 6.3V X5R 0201" murata 17+ 900000 "GRM155R61A105KE15D DC: 1804+ LC: WG83010PN" murata 18+ 1600000 GRM1885C2A220JA01D murata JAPAN 200000 UMK107BJ105KA-T Taiyou 马来 16000 GRM155R60J105KE19D 日本产地 20000 CL10B822KB8WPNC samsung 18+ 200000 0402YD105KAT2A AVX 17+ 40000 GRM155R71C103KA01D coo japan murata 日本 300000 C3216X5R1E476M160AC 36000 GRM21BC81C226ME44L 54000 0402YD105KAT2A 110000 GRM32ER71E226ME15L 9000 C3216X7R1H475K160AC TDK 30000 GRM32ER61C476KE15L murata 7000 UMK325C7106MM-T Taiyou 15000 0402YD105KAT2A 40000 GRM31CR71E475KA88L MURATA 18+ 6000 C0805C104K5RACTU kemet 4000 GRM155R60J105KE19D COO Japan MURATA 18+ 500000 TMK325B7226MM-TR TAIYOU malaysia or japan 20000 Off set return ship fee GRM1555C1H470JA01D murata 200000 08055C473KAT2A AVX 200000 LMK107B7105KA-T Taiyou 18+ 60000 C1608C0G1E103J080AA 产地日本 TDK 48000 测试 TDK CL31A226KPHNNNE 产地中国 SAMSUNG 全标 中国产地到时候单独发货 24000 UMK105CG100DV-F taiyou 300000 TEST FEE LMK107B7105KA-T Taiyou 18+ 60000 C0603C682K5RACTU 72000 TEST FEE C0603C475K8PAC7867 kemet 17+ 8000 C1206C473J5GAC7800 kemet 17+ 12000 UMK212BB7225KG-T taiyou 12000 LMK212B7225KG-T TAIYOU 210000 06035A101JAT2A AVX 4000 GRM188R71H102KA01D murata 60000 CC0603KRX7R6BB225 Yageo 300 LMK325BJ107MM-T taiyou 20000 PIC16F877A-I/PT microchip 160 GCM188R71H103KA15D murata 18+ 488000 GCM32ER71H475KA55L murata 18+ 9000 C1608C0G1E103J080AA TDK 18+ 76000 GRM155R71A474KE01D murata 18+ 10000 TMK212B7105KG-T taiyou 15000 TMK325B7226MM-TR taiyou 1000 CL32B226KAJNNNE samsung 17+ 100000 TEST FEE CL31B105KBHNNNE 60000 GRM32EF50J107ZE20L 30000 CL31B106KAHNNNE 16000 GRM155R61C474KE01D 10000 AO4842 AOS 40000 GRM1555C1H331JA01D 150000 GRM1555C1H471JA01D 100000 TMK105BJ105KV-F TAIYOU 10000 C3216X5R1H106KT000N TDK 24000 GRM1555C1H470JA01D 1010000 C1206C473J5GAC7800 kemet 17+ -6000 GRM155R62A104KE14D 10000